Upon arriving at the Barcelona headquarters of 8TV, Catalonia’s private regional broadcast station, I was not entirely sure what type of experience was about to unfold before me. Having studied a concentration in broadcast news for the past three years, all I knew was that I was very excited and anxious to learn whatever I could concerning the inside workings at a news station. Any preconceptions I had received beforehand guided me to believe that the 8TV News Program was quite prestigious, which I now know to be true, as my firsthand experience allows me to hold an even higher regard for their work, and the style in which they do it.

I was fortunate enough to receive a complete tour of the facilities, learn about the daily processes, and see the space where the mastery of news editing takes place. Another highlight was getting to peek in on the filming of ‘8 Al Dia’, a three and a half hour daily segment of news that includes topics varying from politics to sports with guest appearances and panels.

The fast paced, yet collected and organized environment is one I could immediately see myself excelling in come the future, and this served as a glimpse into the exact type of workplace I desire to do so within. The entire team was welcoming and eager to answer any questions I had, allowing me to watch them work and listen to them interact. Although my understanding of most conversations in Catalan was slim to none, the clear way in which the content was transmitted, especially on the website, made it easy to understand regardless of the language used.

The workflow is very dynamic, as the staff makes use of some of the more advanced programs and software useful to news reportage, which were quite difficult to imagine excelling at this stage but it was clear that many of the staff members obtained skills in various different areas, allowing them to take full advantage of opportunities to master these programs for the benefit of expediting their work under deadlines. Additionally, the atmosphere was quite casual and calm in comparison to my expectations, which were very limited; Any prior notions or images I pictured a newsroom to resemble were mainly based off television shows, videos, movies, and stories told by teachers who had a history working in the news industry. I would be interested to see a breaking news piece take place in action, as I was informed that this remarkably stable environment is not the case one hundred percent of the time, naturally.

There is no doubt that the program runs smoothly form the airing and filming to the editing and time management processes due to the organized pressure that ubiquitously emanates throughout each section of editorial staff, technical agents, and managerial work staff. Everyone knew how to work well within a team, demonstrating their ability to remain functional and focused under pressure. It was clear that all employees held high regard for their bosses and leaders, and always seemed to want to engage with one another, sharing information as to eventually circulate news in the most efficient, organized, and current way possible. It was a very informative, positive experience that once again sparked my continually developing interest in the field of journalism, and more specifically, informative news reporting.

Here is the most recent segment, posted on Saturday, April 23rd, containing a special for St. Jordi’s holiday.

‘8 al dia’, 23 d’abril del 2016




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